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Water Listening


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(Hebrew for Water Listeners)

In 2016 I was initiated in the spirit name Reflective Hummingbird. Hmmm... I liked that its sound suggested listening. It also reflected the spirit of water, Mayyim (Heb.) that appeared in my MKP Mission Statement, “I transform my limitations through the wisdom of water to create a more harmonious world.” My congenital cerebral palsy led me to a lifetime of somatic awareness studies leading me to explore skiing, thirty years in Aikido (www.GreenerMediations.net/appliedaikido) dance, and a self-styled inner listening piano. (www.GreenerMediations.net/piano)


Two weeks ago, David started examining the chemical balance in the pool, concerned about its appearance. Another swimmer in Parkpoint Healthclub Pool and I wondered together if the “murky” feel might be the water’s response to the gratitude we all felt for the pool staying open in these “protective” days as we prepared for Valentive’s Day; there was a lot of love and gratitude in the air, and I wondered if the water might be blushing from feeling it. The water also felt more palpable, sensual. The club continued to test for its chemistry, but found nothing.

Then more recently, as the aquaholic in Lane 1 climbed out, he agreed the water "was clearer today," less green and it felt great. He’d heard of Masaru Emoto's experiments photographing water’s crystalline responses to human intention (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDNhH8deZPg) but doubted crystals' role in water’s "energy transmission." Alex agreed it was clearer, more transparent. The hue more translucent than mirky. It was discovered to have a higher than normal phosphorus content, a normal component of water. The “green shimmering hue” was phosphorescence; and my name is “Green.” Hmmm.... I’d just purchased a club water bottle lined with copper, (https://waterbottles.com/25-oz-h2go-concord-thermal-bottles) and the same day given a ’Thank You From the Heart” water bottle to the club staff.

I slipped in wondering what this precocious water might say to us today. On my first lap I felt more buoyant, and on the second experienced it’s support, more than just physically; like for who I was, what I’m doing. From Lane 2, she said that she also felt more buoyancy, and after another lap, proclaimed “buoyancy” seemed like an “affirmation.” Hmmm....

Where did that come from, we wondered after another lap? Our conversation, we agreed; with one another..... and with the water! Then it occurred to me that a common human fear of water was a fear of drowning, and today we felt its support.... another lap and she remarked we choose what to see and hear. And we get back what we put into our surroundings; that led to her saying, "this is deep..... No pun intended.”

Today the aquaholic in Lane 3 and I wondered again about the water’s feel/appearance, which I described as a sheen or shine. “Sparkly,” she said, and told David that, “the water wants us​ to be more sparkly!” David said he was thinking about “re-surfacing” the tiles. Her “sparkly” and my shine reminded me of Dr Cowan saying that water’s “structure was a function of the interaction of its “purity” and its “electromagnetic field” which was energized by sunlight.

That made me notice the overgrown limbs of the tree in our parking lot, which shaded the pool. Its heaviest limbs were a liability risk that would increase with winter storms, and I thought that a careful trim after we enjoyed its shade in the summer heat would be good for the pool, the swimmers and the health of the club. It would also underscore our appreciation for our natural environment, and the passing seasons.


Today, we noticed something more bubbly in the water. Lizette felt more “buoyant.”
David said he put sand in the filter to capture more minute particulates, and acknowledged its chemistry was again unremarkable. I told him I liked this mechanical approach. I noticed the bubbles I made as they now scattered more abundantly in the water, as if the water wanted them, and it relaxed my breathing. Those bubbles 
were​ my breathing. My settled breathing was changing the water.

I wondered about how humans wrestle with breathing in water, and the fear not being able to. We have so many strategies; right, left or both, snorkels, backstroke, holding underwater.

She said natural waters bubble in diverse ways. Water’s effervescence is a sort of language for waters. We speak it when we carbonate our drinks. It’s unstable and it doesn’t stand long conversations. I left looking for David to ask him if he showers in the morning or evening, does he talk to his shower water about his work managing our pool water, and does he think that our pool water knows his shower water in some mysterious way....

I wondered about our fears of not breathing, as I was learning to breathe easily into the water; this gift I was giving and receiving.


Today I felt calm in the water; or the water felt calm. Now it’s reminding me of the moment two days back when I sat quietly, alone in the pool yard for a moment, until the water became still, and so did I. When Mike slipped into Lane 2 next to me, I asked how it felt to him, ”Better than at my desk!” as he bristled at the chill. Later he said... “looks clearer,” and “felt smoothe,” which then I also felt in what I named calm.

We swam several lengths in tandem and then in sequence or in pattern. Then I sat still and noticed the textured surface of short ripples. The next laps were mostly feeling texture; funny, I never thought of water having texture. Hmmm...

Then again, more recently in the pool, I noticed how quiet the water was. And there was a lot of noise in my personal life that day. The couple in Lane 3 agreed. I noticed that I swam so as not to disturb the water; then I remarked that, "I felt quieter, and calmer..." This feeling was in the water the next day, and others said they also noticed. A woman next to me remarked, "This is heavenly...." I replied by gesture indicating that feeling was within me. Thank you, Water. What a great teacher you are, who reads our needs before modeling what we might learn next.....

You are invited to begin this inquiry with me by tuning into this Elemental Sound/Movement Meditation. It will inform your appreciation of my words and demonstrations in the following Cafe and the material below, and in it you will find connection with me through my piano that I’m unable to convey in words.


Below are my collected references on structured water and its role in communications with humans; are you listening to water yet?

"Into the Heart of the Matter" with guest, Dr. Tom Cowan - YouTube
Coherent (structured) water is key to health because we are made of compartments of water that are organized according to the interaction of the purity of the water​ with the e​ lectromagnetic field. The energy source for this field is the Sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYaklzMf5TI

See this most informative Vitalist evaluation of Light, Energy and Water’s "Bridge Coherence” in Tom Cowan’s interview with Dolf Zantinge of the Analemma water company. Dolf lays explains the memory of water and the crucial role water plays in all of biology. https://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?113930-Interview-Memory-of-water-coherent- water-etc.&s=877549c3a368fe645317800ebbee94a4&p=1409584#post1409584


‘Thank You From the Heart’ (https://drtomcowan.com/the-flaska-water-bottles-helps-structure-the-water-it-contains/) These bottles, for sale by Cowan, also have river-rock like formations on the interior surface, which give a natural “shape” to the movement of water in the bottle...(See the seven-sided geometric shape that’s drawn on the bottle’s cork jacket pictured below.)

From Dr Tom Cowan: Years ago, in my quest to find the “perfect” water solutions, I came across the work of Masaru Emoto and his book “Messages From Water.” More than a decade ago, I saw a slide show that Emoto gave, and in many ways, his presentation solidified my interest in water and, in particular, the ability of water to carry information. The fundamental message


Emoto was bringing is that shapes, forms, geometric patterns, thoughts, feelings and many other influences can affect the qualities and health of the water.

“Structured Water “ is a term that refers specifically to water with molecules that are highly organized (coherent) and have properties, characteristics and available energies that are only life-supporting. Structured Water is instantly hydrating, naturally alkaline, rich in oxygen, negative hydrogen ions, and bio-photonic energies and most fit to efficiently serve the body’s water needs. Whereas, tap water is typically H2O, Structured Water is H3O2.https://www.vibrancywater.ca/index_files/structured_water_unit_About_Structured_Water.htm



The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack

Secret of Water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNwo9NWMdKA

of structured water.

Viktor Schauberger

A great video summary: http://library.uniteddiversity.coop/Water_and_Sanitation/Living_Water-Viktor_Schauberger.pdf

This is the story of a pioneering Austrian naturalist and iconoclast who pointed the way to a completely new understanding of the vast potential of natural energy. By studying fish in streams and by closely observing the natural water cycle, Viktor Schauberger​ (1885–1958) was able to solve basic problems of energy transformation.

The California artist, sculptor and geometer, Frank Chester, discovered the geometrical form associated with the human heart and the earth. The geometric basis of all life is increasingly becoming apparent. Frank Chester’s work – based upon the musings and research of Rudolf Steiner, and his understanding of the Platonic forms the geometry of the heart – asks whether the heart pumps blood, or is actually the vortex regulator of the blood as the blood flows through the arteries and veins.

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