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"Mr. Green's professional presentation at Grand Rounds in Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCSF was extremely enlightening and very effective in defining the various roles played by each person." 

Edward C. Hill, M.D., Professor Emeritus

"Mr. Green presented a fascinating program at the California Society for Healthcare Risk Management's Annual Education Program. All attendees showed great interest, and the Board of Directors of CHSRM were uniform in their praise of the refreshing presentation." 

Mark Cohen, ARM, RPLU Director & Risk Management Consultant

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Brains in the Belly: Think twice under pressure.

If you are like me, pressures concerning family, money, time seem to evoke familiar responses every time, like maybe I’m hardwired. My responses seem predisposed. I can trust them to pop up.

If this is true for you, and if you can recognize familiar patterns of responding to pressures, then you are half way to knowing how to access body wisdom to transform them for compassionate communication and peaceful resolution. Continue by going to: <http://greenermediations.wordpress.com>

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Welcome to Greener Mediations

Peace is conflict done well.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I offer a variety of services to help you address and avoid conflict in your personal and work situations. These include: 

I am now wanting to expand my consulting practice to lawyers to the public without representing people legally. This will introduce you to my background and let you know about my efforts to expand my medical-legal consulting for other attorneys to the general public. I can help people think like a lawyer before they need one, enabling them navigate a desired outcome independently. For more details, here’s a notice I have created in a local online bulletin. Please share it with those you believe may be interested.

Mediation Services: I am available in Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino counties to assist with all types of conflicts. I also specialize in issues of professional liability, organization development, domestic relations, and health care practice management.

Mediation Consulting: I can strategize with you, both on the practical and emotional aspects of your conflict, so that you can succeed at mediating your conflict before it accelerates into a war of words or a lawsuit.

Embodiment ProgramsI can help you to be more centered when facing pressures and tensions in your home or at work. I can also give you tools that help you develop grounded responses to conflict on your own, thus making life easier and more pleasant for you, and encouraging others by way of example. Free information about body wisdom skills.  

Corporate Consulting:  I can help your corporation achieve its goals through management consulting, board development, teamwork training, and conflict resolution, for quality assurance, human resources management and stress reduction.

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All of my conflict resolution and pressure management programs address negative emotional dynamics in personal relationships and HR settings. You can access these online or by working with me privately, in person or by telephone.

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"Jerry Green is a valuable consultant to CarenetTV.  Our  board and executive management team continue to rely on his expertise on important corporate issues and business decisions. We highly recommend Jerry and endorse his effective corporate consulting." Robert Sampson, RN, CEO CareNetTV, Inc. 

“The Minerva team has revived our 40-year-old organization by helping us develop a new business model. We met Jerry Green who became our lead consultant. Jed Coffin joined Jerry to do a mini retreat for ATFC, and a new group dynamic was created. We cannot thank you all enough.” Jim Plaisted, Executive Director, Actors’ Theater For Children

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Also available from  Medical Decisionmaking Institute @MedAgree.com

Holistic Healthcare Practice Management Consulting

I help holistic practitioners define their practice protocols so as to avoid generating legal problems associated with scope of practice boundaries.

Collaborative Planning in Medicine

My published writings and professional education in risk management assist people in applying contract principles to avoid the common misunderstandings that generate unfulfilled expectations in health care relationships.

Strategic Medical-Legal Consulting for Attorneys

I provide strategic consulting for the development of medical evidence and can find specific experts for medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers.

Call Jerry Green for free phone consultation (707) 824-4344
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