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Common to all dialogue is the need for good listening skills, which I understand as two-fold:inner-listening is the ability to hear your own voice clearly and distinctly from those of others, even our own pre-disposed strategies. Then there is the skill of listening to others; the ability to stay grounded in one's self, knowing that offering an ear that is uncomplicated by one's own agendas is both a gift to another, and a testament to our ability to stand comfortable in our own truth while remaining open to another viewpoint.

"Your professional education at Grand Rounds in Obstetrics and Gynecoloy at UCSF was extremely enlightening and very effective in defining the various roles played by each person." 

Edward C. Hill, M.D., Professor Emeritus

"Mr. Green presented a fascinating program at the California Society for Healthcare Risk Management's Annual Education Program. All attendees showed great interest, and the Board of Directors of CHSRM were uniform in their praise of the refreshing presentation." 

Mark Cohen, ARM, RPLU, Director & Risk Management Consultant

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