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Manage pressure, tension, fear & anger. Conflict management and compassionate communication with intentional embodiment. 

What people say:

"No-risk common-man's Aikido."

“Simple, experiential exercises that are really fun to do.”

“It's not therapy, but you satisfied my need for it.”

“My intuitions clarified, became more accessible.”

“I learned to show up with my whole self.”

“Inspiring and full of wisdom.”

 "Aiki awareness enables me to notice what's in the way of the essence to essence connection between us, especially in our intimate relationships where we get triggered the most. Then I can drop deeper and share from that place physically, verbally, and energetically."

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Search by Keyword

Compassionate communication for feeling closer to those we live and work with.


Applied Aikido: Body Wisdom in Communication

"Empathy is Presence: Pure presence is what is alive in a person at this moment, bringing nothing from the past." Marshall Rosenberg

Six YouTube Soundbites on identifying styles of confrontation with pressure in personal communications, and applying embodiment practices to building communication harmony on grounded centered connections that create peace. 


Body-Wisedom in Communications

Noticing pressure points

Identify response 




Communication Harmony

Workshops, private sessions
 When facing pressure, can you:
Show up fully?
Stay centered?
Speak your truth?
Listen compassionately?
Identify your core needs?
Access intuition reliably?

Here’s my video on applying Aikido principles to shadow work demonstrated at : https://youtu.be/SgV5DZ2HkiA

VIDEO INTERVIEW: How to Build a Culture of Empathy with Aikido 

Ed Rutsch & Jerry

I was asked recently to moderate a teleconference on Aikido and Empathy. The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy is the home of the global empathy movement. The founder states: Our mission is to build a movement for creating a global worldwide culture of empathy and compassion.  We bring people together and hold in-person and online meetings and empathy circles. We are collecting and organizing all the material we find on the internet on the topics. Researching through the arts and sciences. We are putting together a series of documentaries to educate the public and much, much more. Edwin Rutsch
Empathy and Aikido Panel: Edwin Rutsch, Jerry Green, David Weinstock, Quentin Cooke, Nick Walker. Representatives of Aiki-Extensions, Inc from California, Washington State, England and the Center for Building a Culture if Empathy discuss and demonstrate how principles of Aikido entrain and embody empathy around the world. 

This program was presented at a Northern California conference of lawyer and psychologist mediators (ARDNC.) Jeff Goldfien, JD, LLM, ADRNC Board Member stated: “In this experiential and invigorating presentation we discovered that equanimity in the midst of the push and pull of conflict, and openness to the creative potential inherent in conflict have a felt basis in the body.” 

“This contributed to my work as a mediator and teacher of Compassionate Communication. 
Jerry gave me a felt sense of the importance of working somatically. I loved it.”  Martine Algier

NVC, COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION, and EMOTIONAL AIKIDO: Would you address the connection between Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Emotional Aikido? "The answer to this question begins by understanding that NVC is a language skill... and Aikido is an embodiment pracice (read more) 

See Wendy Palmer teach centering under pressure at work.

SF Examiner covers Jerry Green

 A talented martial artist making a difference. Jerry Green – Part I

By Paul Rest, SF Martial Arts Examiner This writer met Jerry Green many years ago at the old Centerfield Aikido. Jerry was an enthusiastic and dedicated Aikidoist who always had a wonderful positive attitude on the mat and it was always fun training with him. (Read more... )

Jerry Green –  Part 2 "The third area of research was in Jewish mysticism, which has more to say about head/heart/hara and circle/square/triangle that all that’s been written in Aikido.  (Read more…)

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