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Medicine and Holistic Practice  

A consulting format containing articles on role clarification and contract as applied in clinical practice. It identifies ten scientific assumptions that distinguish vitalism from the treatment of pathology, and preserves the independent identity of holistic practitioners. 

Medicine and Holistic Practice

Medicine and Holistic Practice

Consulting format with statutes, articles on contract principles, scientific assumptions, model forms and twenty minute telephone consultation. For additional consulting time see Contact Page.
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Practice Management Services from Medical Decisionmaking Institute


Medical Decisionmaking Institute brings you healthcare practice management consulting with the time-tested consultation format Medicine and Holistic Practice containing articles, model forms, legal principles, and pioneering advice to assist in structuring your clinical practice in a manner that avoids creating legal problems, unrealistic expectations, civil and criminal liability for practicing medicine without a license.

FREE INFORMATION on waivers disclaimers, informed consents, plus the ten scientific assumptions distinguishing medicine from holistic practice, and an outline of practice management objectives.

This program reduces risks of discipline and civil liability, and risks of unlicensed medical practice. It defines professional responsibility independently, and improves clinical efficacy. The consulting format, Medicine and Holistic Practice helps you discuss your methodologies in scientific terms without adopting medical concepts that can implicate you in charges of sub-standard practice and practicing medicine without a license.

The articles, statutes and charts provided explain two ideas. One is the methodology for thinking about your use of holistic practices and defining clinical objectives related to the scientific assumptions appropriate to your work.  The other is how simple verbal agreements, evidenced in written instruments, can clarify medical and non-medical objectives.  These agreements also enable you to establish the intentions and expectations of your clients that support your work and improve your clinical efficacy.

Shared Decision Making Agreements 
Shared decision making agreements shift the context for defining professional liability from tort to contract. They involve patients in decision choices and absolve healthcare practitioners from liability for care that varies from accepted standards under principles of "professional negligence” according to tort law, which principles would apply in the absence of a contractual relationship. 

"Long overdue; a cure for deteriorated patient-physician relationships."
L. Kyle Gambrell, DO, ENT

"This is useful, thank you Jerry.”  
Linn Harding, Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Read "Shared Decision Making and Role Clarification Potentials in Medicine," by Jerry Green, JD

            Decision making patterns are studied according to four models that distinguish shared decisionmaking from informed consent. Principles of collaborative planning for varying decisionmaking according to the kinds of decisions and the values and preferences of patients and physicians are defined and discussed. The values and risks of allocating responsibility by express agreement are compared with situations in which assumptions about decisionmaking responsibility may be implied from circumstances or accustomed practice.
                                                  Also available at Mediate.com,  http://www.mediate.com/articles/greenJ3.cfm?nl=157

STRATEGIC CONSULTING for Medical Malpractice Attorneys
Expert witness needs evaluated, expert search services provided, including witness-preparation, role clarification concerning sub-specialties. Experienced with complex searches including turf-conflicts and overlapping scope of practice. Prioritize your searches for experts on standards of care, causation and damages in an experienced manner. 20+ years in this business working for top Inner Circle Attorneys. Free initial consultation. Over 20 years experience in malpractice litigation support for leading plaintiff and defense attorneys. I serve malpractice and personal injury attorneys as an independent consultant, with no interest in their cases. I retain experts on their behalf who are not maintained on a "panel" and are not pre-committed to doing expert witness work. Medical consultants are paid according to their own rates, and my fees have no relation to those of experts. I am sensitive to sub-specialty interests, turf conflicts, and overlapping standards of professional responsibility. Being available for this work is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with some of the growing edges in your specialty, and contribute to your field by helping to evaluate prevailing standards.

Identify and define technical issues, evaluate and develop discovery and trial strategy, discover how a potential expert thinks about crucial issues, identify the need for separate experts for liability and causation and
obtain qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Call or email.

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