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TUNING IN to the Body Ten Lessons in Applied Aikido

Jerry Green speaks the languages of Head / Heart / Hara; thoughts, feelings and intuition, wondering the unknown. Hear this commentary on Lesson One from TUNING IN to the Body at www.CommunicationHarmony.com.
"Jerry’s well-written and easy to follow online course opens the door for people without aikido experience to discover the power of 'getting to center' in the face of life’s challenges."  Susan Chandler 
The course includes Richard Strozzi Heckler’s video on the Mission of Somatics and introduces Applied Aikido. Wendy explains conscious embodiment, and George Leonard’s Aikido Walking is in an Afterward. There is a paper on Non Violent Communication and Aikido, and the site is an entertaining collection of aiki-wisdom, photos, instructional videos and poetry.

Consulting Retainer

Consulting Retainer

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