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Contact me by:

Contact me by:

Email: jerry@greenermediations.net

Phone: 707-824-4344

Mail:    Jerry A. Green, JD

Greener Mediations, Sebastopol, CA

    POB 72
            Graton,  CA  95444

Consulting Retainer

Consulting Retainer

Related Interests

Feedback Piano: Listening for the Stillness

Music Composed for the Silence Within

I play to explore the silent space within, beneath the sounds I hear, perhaps in the measured spaces between the notes and the beats.

Arvo Part, whose music informs our work says, "I compare my music to white light which produces all colors. Only a prism can divide the colors and make them appear; this prism could be the spirit of the listener.”

You will hear themes from our past by Winston, Ackerman, Vangellis, Satie and even Beethoven in a spirit of stillness and self reflection, evoking release of shadowed experience and changing moods.

"Splendiferous!" Hosanna Bauer "Beautiful piano ... lifting my spirits ... bringing immediate joy ... thank you so much." Yael Raff Peskin “Mysterious and calming....Your piano playing is all that, and more..... Smooth, rich, velvety...like warmed dark chocolate.......” Shoshana Geller ”Your music makes me feel like a deep reflecting pool.” Chance Massaro


You are listening to Origins, an original two movement composition in A minor. The open fifths in A minor were my first experiment in somatic attunement using piano as a biofeedback. I re-discovered them in the midst of learning the lullaby Mon Infante, from which it grew and matured into it’s own composition. From the space in between the two movements has recently grown a facinating inversion of this theme, which is not recorded yet.

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