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I had a free evening while shopping for colleges with my teenage daughter. The Georgetown waterfront bar waitress answered, “Well, we used to have a piano here. There’s a nice one around the corner at the Ritz Carlton.” It was an ebony Steinway in the corner of a large plush living room. 

I eased on to its quilted leather bench, quietly tossed a motif into the room just below the conversation level, and waited to see if anyone approached to arrest me. Soon Abraham’s Theme filled the space, then some George Winston, Will Ackerman and Easy which I wrote with David Field. A concierge stopped doing busywork to listen; the room changed energetically.

While I was playing, a young African boy left his family gathering at the fireplace, approached the piano, watched the hammers striking the strings, and contemplated my sounds for some time. In an interlude, he asked sweetly, "How did you learn to do this?" (Sonoma County Gazette, Nov/2011) Read on further....

Ani Weaver photos of Jerry at
Green Music Center, Sonoma State U.
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I discovered using a piano as biofeedback training for unwinding tensions associated with a congenital spasticity. I listened to the qualities in sounds that reflected my breathing, posture and attitudes, finding simple motifs/phrases that were building blocks of music; I was exploring the sounds of my inability to play music, and backed my way into finding healing music within me. Musicians trained to play composed music are unprepared to practice this inner-listening; I would like to introduce you to this practice with your voice or other instrument, in movement or stillness…. listen within, then together, we find connection in the sounds of shared spirit.

Feedback Piano: Somatic Attunement by Jerry Green

Jerry discovered the use of piano as biofeedback training for unwinding tensions associated with a congenital spasticity. His physical limitations led to improvisational curiosity with simple harmonic fifths, which he then heard in new age and classical themes, enabling him to discover his own musicality and develop his listening abilities. His once mostly private feedback studies have gained appreciation at contact-improv dance gatherings, restaurants, churches and special events.

Original improvisations on themes by George Winston, William Ackerman, Vangellis, Bach, Beethoven, Schuman, Eric Satie, Ralph Towner, Arvo Part and Ludovico Einaudi.  

Chopin's E minor Greens
When I heard Chopin’s haunting Prelude in E minor op. 28 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y6r1nHnLVo) I wanted to learn it, but the chord progression in the bass were beyond the capacity of my left hand, and sadly I rejected the idea. Two weeks later, I awoke with the idea to learn to play the chords with both hands, and leave out the melody. It was still Chopin’s composition, and it was lovely. Joyful Noise Choir Director Benjamin Mertz recognized the piece without the melody, and related that he’d written a paper in school about its subtle chord progressions. Soon segments of the melody started creeping into my playing… not like it was written, but kinda…. from the Akashic Plane more likely. And my own arrangement in E minor of progressions inspired by George Winston’s Thanksgiving.
This journey from Forgiveness was inspired by Ralph Towner’s Anthem into which poured some of William Ackerman’ influence in the key of B. Then from a layer beneath it all came this ancient Avinu Malkeinu in a closely related middle-eastern key of B-fragish, which a rock’n-roll rabbi taught me. There I found my own little niggun, and discovered how it fit with the post-modern meditation by Arvo Part. I played it a lot around Rosh Hashanah, and often at my Friday noon visits to Coffee Catz in Sebastopol that were dedicated to peace in Israel and Palestine, and this version is for Richard Kaplan. https://youtu.be/gdXkn7vVTOk

You are invited to begin this inquiry with me by tuning into this Elemental Sound/Movement Meditation. In it you will find connection with me through my piano that I’m unable to convey in words.
Dedicated to Peace in Israel/Palestine

"Green perfectly brings out inside music 
for meditation and introspection." 
William Allaudin Mathieu

  “Transports me to a serene, blissful place. 
Thanks a zillion for the sublimity!” 
Tui Wilschinsky
Inner Listening Demonstration 
EASY by David Field & Jerry Green on YouTube
"Jerry's original improvisations on popular and 
classical themes and remarkable ability to listen 
seem to help people rediscover their desire 
to listen."  Seth Montfort, Concert Pianist

Losing your enthusiasm for making music? bored? given up?
STUDY WITH ME: If you are among the musically discouraged, or would like to employ an instrument to explore self-awareness and expression, consider having a lesson in somatic attunement with me. This can be learned with any musical instrument. 
Alex Kahn, Director of Orchestral Studies at SSU, heard me play and described my work as addressing “the alchemy of sound.” invited me to appear as guest lecturer in his course. I think his term is an apt counterpoint to idea of "playing musical compositions" that speaks to my own transformational intentions. I am particularly interested in understanding how to distinguish these goals from music lessons or studying “how to play piano.” 

Cost of a first lesson: whatever it's worth to you. (707) 494-6994 or Email.
This Music
How like a prayer,
this music -
a meditation in sound
 floating in space,
to something greater,
something whole
that is both music
and silence.
                                                             Anne Marie Cheney

"Your very personal improvisations are haunting and thought-provoking. Congratulations!" Antonio Iturrioz, Concert Pianist. "Oh, my.  I'm listening now and feel my whole body slowing down." Theresa  Koetters, RN, MS

"Your presence yesterday and sweet music was so relaxing. It put everyone at ease, perfect for our theater audience."   Suze Cohan, Occidental Art Center 
"Made me want to stretch out and dream." Pat Schoch, Sebastopol Center for the Arts  
"Beautiful, healing and life affirming music. " Reb Shifrah Tobacman "Totally beautiful." Sky Nelson "You stay really present as you play," Michael Stocker, Bio-Acoustician/Musician “I can hear the listening in your playing… it’s inspiring.” Steve Pryputniewicz, Piano Tuner

"Splendiferous!" Hosanna Bauer "euphoric!" Mark Feldman "Beautiful piano ... lifting my spirits ... bringing immediate joy ... thank you so much." Yael Raff Peskin  "It's so lovely to move to." Zuza Engler, Soul-Motion Teacher  “Mysterious and calming....Your piano playing is all that, and more..... Smooth, rich, velvety...like warmed dark chocolate.......” Shoshana Geller ”Your music makes me feel like a deep reflecting pool.” Chance Massaro "You won your Oscar a long time ago in my book." Linda Heath

“Your inspiring compositions link my inner landscape with the phenomenal world.” Michael Zeligs, Recording Artist 

From The Successful Brain Fair: "Jerry's playing made the chatter & chaos in the room disappear so I could drop deeply into receiving the various treatments being offered." Katja Grace "I love your music and so do my dogs.  It soothes us all. Your CD should be played at animal shelters to calm the frightened and lonely dogs and cats. You play like an angel." Karen Meganck, Psychologist (By the way, several dentists use my music in their offices....)

"With your music we could sense the peace as strangers united, and our our hearts centered as Presence took root." David Parks-Ramage, Interfaith Council of Sonoma County
For Jerry's personal story, see: INSPIRED BY MY OWN LIMITATIONS

Feedback Piano has been enjoyed at these venues:

The Love Choir                                                            Sebastopol
Center for the Arts                                                       Sebastopol
Coffee Catz                                                                 Sebastopol

Brown Street Grill                                                        Sebastopol
The Jenner Inn                                                            Jenner
Center for Spiritual Living                                              Santa Rosa
Congregation Rodef Shalom                                          San Rafael
Eastbay Jewish Community Center                                 Berkeley
Congregation Kol HaEmek                                              Ukiah
Russian River Performing Arts/ Conservatory of Music     Guerneville
The Ritz Carlton                                                           Washington DC
The Finley Center                                                         Santa Rosa
Occidental Center for the Arts                                        Occidental
Laguna Foundation Fundraiser                                        Sebastopol
Paws for Love, Silent Auction 2/9/13                              Santa Rosa
Successful Brain Fairs 2013, '14, '15                                Santa Rosa
After the Honeymoon                                                                Website

House Concerts for Peace                                       Sebastopol
Interfaith Council of Sonoma County                              Santa Rosa
Northbay Jobs with Justice Benefit                                 Santa Rosa

Your event could be next....


MY FIRST CD RELEASE available as download only: FIRST TAKES      Jerry Green, solo piano LOOK RIGHT TO DOWNLOAD

These first takes are just that, the surprising results of a practice run in a recording studio. I did not expect this screen test to be more than a learning experience.  It turned out to be quite appealing, and it revealed an integration of keys and themes in ways I had never imagined.  This is an original body of improvisations weaving a collection of popular and classical ideas and qualities that cultivate inner-listening my approach to somatic attunement, or embodied awareness. 

 Sound engineering by David Field, a true poet of the guitar, able to finger-tip through the tulips, scattering sunlight into its many colours. Discover his sound at: http://www.davidfieldguitar.com/


Abraham’s Theme by Vangellis (from Chariots of Fire) is featured in my coming out medley that includes my improvisations on themes by George Winston (Thanksgiving, DECEMBER,) William Ackerman (Processional, RETURNING,) and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. (Recorded live Center for Spiritual Living, Jan/'11)


Arvo Part’s compositions draw us into the space between dynamic intervals with grace and beauty, reaching far beyond the notes themselves. He builds a jewel-like tapestry of sound in which we can abide and simply feel. Alina is the seminal work in Part’s original style of composition, called “tintinabuli,” or little bells, chimes. Alina is built on the notes B and F#, which are also the main tones in my composition, Yitzak’s Niggun. (Recorded live Center for Spiritual Living, Jan/'11)

Improvizations on Thanksgiving (Winston/Winter) emerge from a Japanese Music Box concluding with Mon Infante, a tradiional French lullaby.  (recorded January 2012 at Mesa Recording Studio.)
Copyright 2009 Greener Mediations