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 Applications of Kabbalah: An Encoded Meditation Instruction and  Key to The Oneness

Japanese Calligrapher Sengai made the mystery of the Circle/Square/Triagle visable to the world throughout history. They represent the grounding of consciousness in the human body and are the spiritual dimensions of embodied consciousness in Aikido (head/heart/hara.) The mysticism of these cornerstones of sacred geometry also associates the shapes with the energies of fire/water/spirit, written about as The Three Mothers,  in Kabbalah the energies that bring forth creation. 

The program below also recounts the history of my Shema journey, from the Minyan to Congregation Kol Shofar in Tiburon, to Kol HaEmek in Ukiah, and back to the Aquarian Minyan Yeshiva, and out to make for a better world. 

 Jan 12, 2021 from Rabbi Jonathan Seidel 
"Jerry / Izzy!  Kol haKavod for organsiing a wonderful and gracious discussion yesterday. It was an excellent time and you put a LOT of work into this. It shows dedication and good teaching and heartfelt sharing, in the spiritual trajectory of Kaplan and others. Perhaps a talk on imagery, Shivitis, focus, meditation and the Letters next time very nice..and particular thanks to Reb Lavey for the depth and breadth of his contribution yesterday which totally enhanced the entire hour….with appreciation and respect….b'kavod.  Reb Yonatan" 

Jan 13, 2021,from Rabbi Lavey Y. Derby  "The program you put together, Yitzak, was a delight, beginning with your thoughtful introduction and the questions you asked us to consider. Thank you for inviting me to join with you and Jonathan. I enjoyed being with both of you so much, and I learned much from both of you. I wish I could have stayed with you both for the whole hour or more, just for the pleasure of talking together and learning together.  Blessings to you both, Lavey"

Sh'ma: An Encoded Meditation Key to The Oneness 
  Jerry Green with Panelists Rabbis Jonathan Seidel & Lavey Derby
Monday January 11, 2021 
I will add an anecdote from my visit to a Jerusalem yeshiva with Rabbi Shefa Gold before we shared a sloppy falafel lunch. My Torah study partner asked “So what brings you to Jerusalem?” I said I was researching this idea that Shema might mean “Listen to your Oneness with Hashem.” His breathing stopped, eyes widened, face flushed, as he stood and reached across our hevruta table and grabbed me by both ears, bringing me to my feet and into his face; he planted a kiss on my nose, forcefully enough that I felt the sharp pinch of his teeth!…. OYE!  I thought if this idea can excite a rabbi in training like that, I might be on to something….
In the 1980's and 90's the works of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan generated new practices in the Jewish world, that are still in use today. “Looking at the entire field of meditation from a historical viewpoint, we find that the closer one gets to the present, the less dangerous and more universal the methods become.” Rabbi Kaplan suggests working with the Sh'ma as a meditative focus, and elaborates this theme in greater detail discussing the Mother Letters in his translation and commentary on Sefer Yetzirah, teachings attributed to Abraham. 
The commonly accepted translation of Sh'ma Yisrael is “Hear O Israel, God is One.” But the “ is” is only implied; if we translate the phrase, “Listen, Yisrael, to God’s Oneness” or “to your Oneness with God,” where might the sounds of sh'ma lead? Neshama… Hashem…Hashamayim... Shalem… Shalom….Shhh… Hmmm…. Aleph = Silence/One….Manishmah? Might this help us to know God's Oneness? In this presentation and panel discussion with Rabbi Jonathan Seidel and others, we will study verses from Sefer Yezirah and also practice a Sh'ma meditation.
Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Shin 
Mem hums, Shin hisses
and Alef is the Breath of air 
deciding between them.
Sefer Yetzirah

The martial art Aikido teaches that it is with the breath that we align ourselves with Ki, which creates all things. Kabbalah and Aikido both associate the spiritual dimensions of this vital energy with the three shapes, triangle with the head, square with the belly (pelvis) and the circle with the breath (chest.) They represent the elements of Fire, Water and Air.  

The mysticism of these cornerstones of sacred geometry also associates the shapes with the energies of fire/water/spirit, written about as The Three Mothers, the energies that bring forth creation. These notions are expanded in Kabbalah of the Mother Letters, in Tiferet: Journal of Spiritual Literature (#11, 2009.) Download here.

An Appendix to the published article is available here.

Three Mothers, Alef Mem Shin
            in the soul, male and female,
            are the head, belly, and chest.
the head is created from fire,
the belly is created from water
and the chest, from breath,
            decides between them.

Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Shin 
                 Mem hums, Shin hisses     
                 and Alef is the Breath of air   
                 deciding between them.  
     (Sefer Yetzirah)




Shema  Hashem  Shalom

Salam  Shalem   Shalom

Hear the sounds,                                 

the sounds of peace,                             

the sounds of healing peace.