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"Your professional education at Grand Rounds in Obstetrics and Gynecology was extremely enlightening and very effective in defining the various roles played by each person." 

Edward C. Hill, M.D., Professor Emeritus, UCSF Medical SChool

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Corporate Consulting Services


“The Minerva team has revived our 40-year-old organization by helping us develop a new business model. We met Jerry Green who became our lead consultant. Jed Coffin joined Jerry to do a mini retreat for ATFC, and a new group dynamic was created. We cannot thank you all enough.” Jim Plaisted, Executive Director, Actors’ Theater For Children

The Minerva Project is an independent association of management consultants offering services to non-profit organizations. 

"Jerry Green is a valuable consultant to CarenetTV.  Our  board and executive management team continue to rely on his expertise on important corporate issues and business decisions. We highly recommend Jerry and endorse his effective corporate consulting." Robert Sampson, RN, CEO CareNetTV, Inc.

Quality assurance managers, teambuilders and efficiency experts:

Our somatic attunement programs are recognized as effective by lawyer and psychologist mediators, and by corporate management consultants.
“I got more out of a two hour demonstration with Jerry that I got from the leading (and pricey) day-long program teaching Aikido principles for consumption in business.” Chance Massaro, Management Consultant, Santa Rosa
Our program was presented at a Northern California conference (ARDNC) of lawyer and psychologist mediators and has been conducted in several day long programs for their affiliate organizations. Jeff Goldfien, JD, LLM, ADRNC Board Member stated:
“In this experiential and invigorating presentation we discovered that equanimity in the midst of the push and pull of conflict, and openness to the creative potential inherent in conflict have a felt basis in the body.” 

This cutting edge format teaches basic aikido principles for conflict resolution, pressure management and performance enhancement. It encourages people to show up with their whole selves, addressing the number one complaint today that HR people are identifying as the consequence of economic stress, i.e. just filling chairs. One participant wore a dress to her male dominated office for the first time the next day, and later told me, “I learned to show up with my whole being.”

See Wendy Palmer teach centering under pressure at work.

The program makes conscious the common responses to pressure, and teaches access to the body wisdom that transforms opposition to inclusion, acceptance, and collaboration. 


Lateral violence is defined to include behavior that is disruptive, inappropriate, confrontational, verbally abusive, harassing, and demeaning or disrespectful. Karen Stanley, RN reports that 65% of nurses surveyed observe obstructive behaviors on the job and that 57% say that violent behaviors among interdisciplinary team members are a serious problem. 

Greener Mediations contributes to digital signage systems being designed for hospitals by CareNetTV.com, Inc. See their inclusion of our work, and their analysis of Lateral Violence in Nursing: Vital Signs for Nursing; Changing The Culture Saves Lives & Reduces Costs. 

Click here for programs applying principles of collaborative planning and embodiment training to Lateral Violence in Nursing. 


TUNING IN to the Body reveals common embodied predispositions to responding to pressure that we all live with, knowingly or not. Accessing body wisdom reveals new options that apply also in word wars.

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