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Coming Out

Coming Out, 12/5/10  Buy@CD Baby $1.99

Abraham’s Theme by Vangellis (from Chariots of Fire) is featured in my coming out medley that includes my improvisations on themes by George Winston (Thanksgiving, DECEMBER,) William Ackerman (Processional, RETURNING,) and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Each theme exemplifies my selection of musical studies that touched my core somewhere and were simple enough to play with my limited dexterity.

They are woven together with by own little ditty that explores my fascination with fourths and fifths in the key of C# minor, which seems central to these themes. The run of the ditty (5-4-1) emerged as a melodic connection between intervals that are familiar to the structure of many popular songs and blues music. It’s descending dance lifts my spirits, like a ladder that supports my reaching out to the likes of Winston, Ackerman, Vangellis and Beethoven. Thanks, guys.

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