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“Jerry has researched the oils as a method to treat the whole person.  By treating the constitution, the individual becomes stronger physically, spiritually and emotionally and is able to move towards healing of multiple symptoms.

Oil selection relying on intuition and olfaction rather than symptoms is facilitated by a quiz which helps individuals find their unique constitution and current needs.   By selecting oils in this way, I was able to bring awareness to and shift  long-standing patterns.  

I continue to use the oils for various acute concerns as I find solutions for constitutional concerns.  I will be incorporating this quiz and this method in my classes as well as my private Occupational Therapy practice.” Yvette Chass, OT

Sensing the Self: At the deepest levels, our five basic senses overlap one another and reflect our individual constitutional qualities. Aromas contain tastes, and sounds appear as light and colors. All our senses “touch” us in some way, and enable us to feel inward as well as recognize the outer world.

This sixth sense of somatic awareness relies upon centering and grounding
for developing therapeutic intuition. 

Search by Keyword

Search by Keyword

Breakthrough in Essential Oils:   Constitutions

Learn about your constitutional disposition: Holistic approaches to health care understand the unique qualities of the individual rather than seeking diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions named according to symptoms. Constitutionals address who you are, not simply what you have.

Vital energy (elan vitale/ki-flow) is fundamental to holistic practices such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Practitioners in these modalities study clients subjective experiences in order to intuit their constitutions, then nourish, stimulate and balance the flow of energy by intention, touch, foods and herbs. Essential oils can also reveal our constitutional dispositions and enable us to address their needs.

Based on: 
Emotional Healing & Essential Oils, Daniel Macdonald 
The Fragrant Mind, Valerie Ann Worwood, Chapter Thirteen
The Human Personalities of Essential Oils

Quiz Correlations with Phone Consult

Quiz Correlations with Phone Consult

Learn the oils corresponding to your intuitive selections
and get a twenty minute consultation on confirming their uses.
Look right for results only.
Quiz Key Only

Quiz Key Only

Learn the numbered oils without consult.
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