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Color Me Winston, Fratres

Color Me Winston, Fratres      Buy@CD Baby $1.99

Arvo Part’s Fratres creates a deep reflecting pool within which to dwell. It builds an intricate structure in the scale of A; a crystaline abode for my variations on Winston’s colorful theme. Built for stability upon three triads above and three below a central triad of A major (uniquely stretched into two octaves,) it extends down/up, then up/down, or perhaps inside-out. The listener stands at the center, expanded in all directions from within. Part writes: “I compare my music to white light which produces all colors. Only a prism can divide the colors and make them appear; this prism could be the spirit of the listener.”

The exquisite progressions of open fifth’s that introduce Colors/Dance (Autumn) were the first progressions I learned to play with. They march straight up the A scale, singing reflections of sunlight dancing on flowers on a windy hillside. I never got past learning the introduction. Then I discovered my own way of sliding back down the same open fifths, connected by a simple melody. In one magical moment of time, George Winston had taught me to play like him, and I’d created my own variation on a George Winston theme!

Part’s Fratres also evokes the mystical power of seven, by which we cycle days and the creative attributes associated with the Tree of Life. First it builds an expanding pyramid beneath is, answering each level down with higher reflections from above. Then it reaches increasingly upwards, reflected by layers of progressive depth. Like the roots of a tree support branches and leaves, which in turn fuel even deeper rooting with light from above.

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